♥ Mallorca.

Palma Nova, Mallorca. 1/9 - 8/9. Underbart. 

♥ Till salu.

Säljer dessa underbara klackar från h&m då de var för stora för mig.
Använda ett fåtal gånger för fotografering. Mycket bra skick. 
Storlek 37. Pris: 299. Intresserad? Skicka ett mail till louisemonica@live.se

♥ Jag somnar och vaknar i drömmen.

♥ 1 + 1.

I don't know much about algebra, but I know one plus one equals two. 
And it's me and you. ♡

♥ Frozen cocktails.

Marmaris. Åh. Ta mig tillbaka.

♥ Tonight.

The last band
Ikväll, Sticky Fingers, Göteborg. Be there.
Fri entré innan 21:00, därefter 40 kr. Ålder 18. Jag och min fina syster kommer att vara på plats och sälja bandets nya merch. 

♥ We couldn't wait to grow up.

Lollipops turns into cigarettes. The innocent ones turns into sluts. Homework goes in the trash. Mobile phones are being used in class. Detention becomes suspensions. Soda becomes vodka. Bikes becomes cars. Kisses turns into sex. Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground? When protection meant wearing a helmet. When the worst thing you could get from boys where cooties? Dad's shoulders were the highest place on earth and mum was your hero? Your worst enemies were your siblings. Race issues were about who ran the fastest. War was only a card game and the only drug you knew was cough medicine. When wearing a skirt didn't make you a slut. The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow. And we couldn't wait to grow up...

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